Interesting sites:


Note: I am still working on this page. At the moment they are in a

random order as they come into my mind. A linkpage organized by

themes with many more interesting sites & the respective descriptions

will follow.


Subud SICA

> The spiritual background for my work


Willigis Jäger

> His teachings and visions have been accompaning me

for the last 8 years.



> Ideas worth spreading!



James Turrell
> One of my favourite contemporary artits!


Museum Insel Hombroich
> One of my favourite museums - combining Art and nature in a never
 seen before way


Arp Museum Rolandseck
> Museum built by the architect Richard Meier - also a favourite place of mine


Werner Lechtape Fotografie
> Wonderful arquitectural photography


Michael Kunze Storyarchitekt

> Storyarchitect of my favourite musicals like 'Elisabeth', 'Rebecca, 'Mozart' and
'Dance of the Vampires'


Joseph Campbell Foundation

> Famous for his comparative mythology studies.

One of the best printing companies I know.
They have great business cards as well.


Ernst Haas, photographer

> His photography and his philosophy are extremely close

to how I see and feel photography.


Marie Selby Botanical Garden in Sarasota, FL

> My favourite place to take photographs in Sarasota


Frank Homann Bildjournalist

> Local photography & wonderful travel photography


Henny van Heerden Wildlife photography

> One of my favourite Wildlife photographers


Mario van Middendorf

> Fantastic FineArt works


Burkhard Mohr

> Known for his witful political cartoons and skulptures of iron


Kunstblog Birgit Heinz

> A german based artist sharing her experience and knowledge on

photography, art and art marketing.



> A german based publisher - some of my photographs have been

publishes as book covers and inside book photographs


Verlag Am Birnbach

> A german based publisher - some of my photographs have been

publishes as book covers and inside book photographs


Brückenhofmuseum Oberdollendorf

> Our local museum featuring most interesting local heritage and

actual artists living in Koenigswinte.


Flypaper Textures

> I love to use these wonderful textures for my texture overlays



> Design your own fabric - a wonderful new idea!



>Create your own gallery or choose an image from other artists!



> Find wonderful brushes for Photoshop



> Build dazzling color schemes with this software


Weinhaus Gut Sülz

> One of my favourite local wine houses with an extraordinary selection
of fine Wines.


Cassius Garten Bonn

> My favourite vegetarian restaurant in Bonn



> An event I am currently organizing

Associate member of

Associate member of SICA Interantional.